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Portland Dance Salsa, Ballroom & Swing

Portland Dance Salsa, Ballroom & Swing
Learn To Dance With Confidence, Poise and Grace

Salsa Dancing

 Dancing is one of the most expressive form of art known to humankind. It is a cultured expression of oneself through movement and music. There are so many benefits of learning to dance, not the least of which are cultivating confidence, poise and grace. Learning to dance means adding a delicious new flavor to your life.

ballroom dancingPeople dance for a variety of reasons: to develop a talent, to improve their health, to lose weight and to express themselves. Dancing helps you meet people, improve relationship and to participate in social functions.

swing dancingThrough dancing, a person benefits from the many health benefits like toning and increasing the flexibility of the muscles. Dancing can also improves one's posture and coordination through emphasis of the proper alignment of the body. Benefit body, mind and spirit through the joys of social dance instruction.

Dancing is not only for people who have the potential to become good dancers. Anyone can learn to dance - they just have to give time, effort and attention. The first step to learn to dance is by enrolling in dance classes and hiring a professional dance instructor.

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